Largest city and busiest port on the west coast of Algeria, Oran is certainly part of the essential steps during a trip to the country ... Connected to France by ferry (from https://www.cityzeum.com / tourism / marseille Marseille and S├Ęte), the city may even serve as a starting point! Pleasant and culturally vibrant, Oran is a mix of architectural influences, all established between sea and hills, deep in the beautiful Gulf of Oran. Discover Oran Oran is located along the south shore of the Mediterranean, northwest of Algeria. The city offers an ideal spot to admire the entire region with beautiful scenery: mountains, chalky hills, cliffs, deep canyons and riverbeds. Oran is also a city of culture has grown considerably. It is mainly the capital of Ra i music mixing tradition and modernism that represents worldwide. Indeed, Oran is known for being the city where the music took root Rai. Almost all great singers (Khaled, Cheb Mami) is Oran. The walk in the city center of Oran offers many attractions, beginning with the discovery of a remarkable historical heritage. The souks allow for some colorful shopping. The walk on the waterfront is essential: it was built on the model of the walk of English in Nice! Things to see and do in Oran Oran is the most important city