On the northeast coast of Sardinia, Olbia is one of the main entry points to the island by boat or plane. The site of Olbia attracted since ancient times the attention of the Carthaginians: a deep bay surrounded by rocky shores are a natural harbor protected by which the productions of the hinterlands of Olbia found an opening to export to the mainland. This port activity has long been the source of constant animation that live in the city. Olbia is an excellent starting point for exploring the surrounding area, known especially for the incomparable beauty of its coasts (Costa Smeralda), alternating rocky coves and sandy beaches washed the sun and clear water of the Mediterranean . Olbia and its tourist sites. Olbia is the main gateway for tourists from Italy by ferry. The city itself is not the prettiest town in Sardinia, but there are a few attractions and more facilities than other towns. A Olbia do not miss the Punic necropolis, Romanesque church of S. Simplicio, the walls of the old town and the Roman baths. Olbia is also an ideal starting point to explore the Emerald Coast and the island of Tavolara, many more archaeological sites are nearby: the holy well of "Sa Testa", the tomb of the giants, the megalithic complex of Cabu Abbas . the latter is probably the most famous landmark of Olbia is one of Sardinia's most impressive sites Official site of the Italian tourist office. http://www.italia.it/fr/home.html http : A step by //www.italia.it/fr/home.html Olbia in Sardinia Whether we leave by plane or boat,