Oceania, the smallest of the continents, has territories in the Pacific Ocean. Oceania including Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Great Barrier Reef, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, deserts and water, ..), Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, the popular tourist island of Easter. "Oceania Travel Guide Australia is probably one of the most famous destinations in Oceania. Although 88% and some land of Oceania are occupied by Australia, tourism in this part of the globe s' is not limited. While Sydney and surf culture seduce, but Oceania is also known for its small exotic islands. from earthly paradise with undeniable charm that captivated more than one. on the side of New Caledonia for example, users are unanimous on the beautiful beaches. Many s' agree that the beaches of this island are among the most beautiful in the world. the New Caledonia is one of the overseas territories which facilitate access. but know that Oceania consists of islands connected to other countries like Hawa i part of the United States. There is also in this vast region one of the most famous in the example of Fiji. New Zealand , New Guinea, East Timor, the Cook islands, French Polynesia are all destinations that await you in Oceania. Most of these destinations have excellent hotel infrastructure. L & rsq

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