In the heart of Bavaria, Munich Nuremberg form with a duo of dynamic cities, engines of the regional economy but also tourism leading figures in the '' Land '' attractive. Nuremberg serves as a high cultural container step: sharing his time between the discovery of historical heritage (the town was largely restored after war), visiting interesting museums, events of all kinds, the atmosphere of the city. .. to see and do at Nuremberg: the unavoidable historical center particularly hold the attention: the castle, the town hall and market square, medieval architecture, not to mention the birthplace of a great master painter Albrecht Dürer. Two museums not to miss: the Germanic National Museum for its impressive historical collections, and '' Dokumentationszentrum '' (documentation center), recalling the dark days of Nazism. Main events Each year at Christmas approaches stands the Christkindlesmarkt, big festive market while light for lovers' Christmas Magic '' ... Nuremberg hosts many festivals with various themes. Example: Rock im Park in June, so rock atmosphere, and one of the biggest festivals of organ and classical music in early July! History of Nuremberg Due to the glorious past of the city, the Third Reich pointed to Nuremberg on the occasion of numerous events of Nazi propaganda. A. Speer, the famous architect of Hitler, there erected the '' Reichsparteitagsgelände '' inordinate complex that it is possible to visit today. identé sheet of Population: over 500,000 inhabitants Region: Bavaria Links Site of tourist Nuremberg site of the h