A huge and particularly isolated area, the location of New Zealand could lead only to a very specific character that makes this country like no other. Consisting of two main islands of New Zealand through various latitudes, causing a variety extraordinary landscape that is difficult to summarize in a few lines: those who have seen Lord of the Rings can make an idea, the film having been shot there. British colony in the eighteenth century, the island was previously inhabited by the Maori, who remain an important minority. The discovery of the New Zealand natural areas are the main leitmotif of those who undertake this long journey, and browse the national parks like those Tongariro or http : // Abel Tasman promises an unforgettable experience marked by the endemic fauna and flora. The discovery of contemporary and urban New Zealand is in Auckland, the country's capital, a modern and active city that remains pleasant. Things to see and do, or sleep in New Zealand.élande/ New Zealand is a country of remarkable beauty and diverse that includes mountains, steep fjords, lakes, rivers, glaciers, beautiful beaches and active volcanic formations. New Zealand consists of two main islands and many smaller islands in the Pacific Ocean.