The extraordinary beauty of Norway is based on the diversity of landforms, mountain glaciers, all dominated by vast natural spaces. Faced with the severity of this nature, works of art such as the fjords were built to be able to withstand fluctuations and harsh climate. So if you want to ventilate you rest and relax in a luxuriant nature, Norway is your destination! Welcome to & laquo; land of fjords & raquo; We must not forget that Norway is not part of the European Union: here we always buy his souvenirs in Norwegian crowns (NOK). Spanning the entire western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, even in its most northerly regions, the country is bordered sea Barents and North, names that do not really perfect for bathing. One could suspect that in these latitudes, Norway is not a destination very '' summer '' (if south, the climate is temperate, it becomes almost arctic north!), But there still benefits fully from the sea by other means: starting with the magnificent fjords that make the reputation of the coast of Norway, to the Lofoten islands, we believe the end of the world. They are however in Norwegian cities that expresses the quality of life in the country, ranking first in many development indices: Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim are the main towns of Norway, all situated by the sea.

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