Nord du Portugal

If Lisbon, the Extremadura or the beaches of tourism / Algarve Algarve generally are high on the tourist routes in Portugal, it would be wrong to abandon the North of Portugal from Porto, we go back the Douro through the lush scenery and all in relief, preserved natural spaces, pretty campaigns, heritage villages, a beautiful coastline ... All the ingredients for an exciting trip! Things to see and do in northern Portugal: Bordering the best of Spain in the north and east, the northern region of Portugal covers the northern part of the country. The northern region is centered on its capital, Porto, known for its architectural heritage, its historic center classified by Unesco, its surprising townscape, overlooking the Douro and large eponymous production, port. But the beautiful Porto is not the only point of interest in the region. Let us look a little more detail on Amarante, one of the most beautiful cities in the region, picturesque wish. It is perched on a hill overlooking the river Tamega, a tributary of the Douro. Do not miss: the old bridge thirteenth sicèle and the S & atilde convent o Gonçalo. Do not miss the beautiful city of Chaves, one of the oldest cities of Portugal. Its origins date back to Roman times when it was known for its hot springs. Today is a shopping town

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