Located in the Vendée, Noirmoutier island is rich in the diversity of its landscapes. Between its sandy beaches, its huge forests of pines and oaks and its deep salt marshes, you will be amazed by so much beauty. On foot or bicycle, enjoy the beauty of the architecture noirmoutrine in the most beautiful white houses lining the streets of the city. Explore the villas Bois de la Chaize XIX century before crossing the doors of its many museums, like the salt museum, the popular traditions, as well as shipbuilding. Do not miss a visit from Noirmoutier Castle, a historic monument of the most beautiful. Remember to enjoy a traditional culinary dish made with local products, from apple noirmoutrine land, its sea salt, fish and oysters. A real treat awaits you! In the afternoon, you can practice any sport, tennis, golf, archery or fishing. Swim, sunbathe, or rent a kayak and discover the wide Over on: