There are cities that do not have beaches to attract tourists but have a history, a cultural, natural and gastronomic and are definitely worth exploring, Nîmes is one. Things to see and do in Nîmes: Nîmes is classified & laquo; city ??of art and history & raquo; This says a lot about what awaits visitors. It is a destination that particularly appeal to lovers of history and thanks to all the Roman remains that it houses. We can cite as an example: The amphitheater in Nimes even less knowledgeable tourist will not fail to notice the good condition of the premises. Formerly in the Roman era in the amphitheater were held gladiator fights. Today it hosts many cultural and sporting events: bullfights, concerts, etc. The Square House: it is a question of a Roman temple built in year 4 and year 5 after J. -C. It was built for Gaius and Lucius Caesar. The building is one of the leading attractions of the city, so do not make the deadlock before such discovery. The Temple of Diana: this temple is nestled in the Jardins de la Fontaine (a large public park in Nîmes) It was built in the II AD Unfortunately this monument is not very well preserved. , one of its walls was destroyed, its vault s'. collapsed and its facade was treated to numerous recounts Nîmes is also a museum center of scale, the city is home to numerous museums including: the Museum of Old Nîmes: this museum retraces Nimes life since the Middle Ages until today Address: Place herbs - Tel. 04 66 76 73 70 - Hours of operation: Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 18pm Rack. Art: this museum is home to no less than 4,000 works of contemporary art Museum of bullfighting cultures. Nimes is very famous for its bullfights, it does not therefore surprised not to find a completely dedicated to bullfighting museum. Address: 6, rue Alexandre Ducros - Tel: 04 66 76 73 70 - Hours of operation: Tuesday to dima

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