Central American countries, at the junction between the Honduras and Costa Rica, Nicaragua belongs to the Latin American countries whose history has long been tainted by the dictatorship and civil war, often covertly sponsored by the regional power, the US. Today, the Nicaraguan people vote to elect their leaders, but the country remains nailed in a difficult economic situation, beating down a large debt. Sparsely populated country, the Pacific coast is one that welcomes the highest densities: one finds the capital Managua, along the eponymous lake. Another large lake, Lake Nicaragua (the names are easy to remember), covers the southwest of the country, characterized by many volcanoes as well as significant seismic activity. The interior win in relief, and are wild areas covered with tropical forests, home to fauna and flora remarkable. The cara ibe coast, exposed remains largely in the background, despite the presence of some ports. A country truly discover it since tourists are still rare. Traveling in Nicaragua No doubt, in the sort destination '' outside the box '', Nicaragua largely has its place: still very little frequented by tourists, the country wins be known, especially since it completely escapes syndrome '' mass tourism 'own some tropical destinations ... more good news, even the most strapped travelers can stay a long time in Nicaragua before dry up all their savings