The largest of the Cycladic islands, close to Paros, Naxos is largely distinguished from many small Aegean islands of its size: large area, heights can exceed a thousand meters above sea level, an economy that is not based entirely on tourist traffic ... visitors remain very many, however, the last landing of Greek mainland by ferry to Naxos (Chora), the capital and main port of the island. From there, Naxos offers various interests that have made Cyclades reputation: beautiful beaches, a countryside alternating between scrub and crops, small villages with whitewashed houses, chapels, ancient archaeological sites, an exceptional climate. .. in short, just about everything one would expect of a Greek island! Naxos high tourist destination Cyclades Naxos If the economy relies on tourism, it is because this Greek island in the Cyclades is a highly requested holiday destination. But did you know that Naxos is the birthplace and place of residence of Dionysos, the d

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