Long plagued by a terrible civil war, Mozambique has remained largely off the tourist routes in Africa. Today, the situation was resolved, and travelers are more likely to want to discover this beautiful country: a beautiful coastline open to the Indian Ocean islands of paradise, great savannah plains, nature reserves .. . Things to see and do in Mozambique: the unavoidable Many cities make as many steps on the coast: the capital Maputo, Inhambane, Beira, Pemba far north of the country. The coast of Mozambique is simply superb, this is where tourism activities are concentrated: beaches and relaxation, scuba diving or snorkelling ... see the Bazaruto Archipelago, a natural park, to get an idea! Climate and seasons: from when? Two seasons in Mozambique. The dry season, roughly from April to October, the coolest, the driest also: it's time to leave. The atmosphere is warm and humid during the rainy season, which extends over the rest of the year. Travel Advice In the city, including Maputo avoids to exhibit any valuables or walk alone (e) in the evening ... Coastal areas are safe overall. Inland, off-road, extreme caution is required towards still minefields. The roads are not in good condition (do not drive at night) and vulnerable to the floods (quagmire). Ask about safety tips updates on the website of Foreign Ministry. Before leaving, take care well perform all required or strongly recommended vaccines. Identity Population: 22 million Language: Portuguese are the