Beach, sun, greenery, temperature rosy, warm hospitality of the inhabitants, hearty cuisine, ..;. Welcome you are in Martinique. This region of Overseas is a country of contrasts: the greenery alongside the rugged landscapes of volcanoes, modernity blends harmoniously with the. Authenticity, the earth is lost in the sea you can imagine the beauty of the framework that waiting for you. It essentially comes Martinique to enjoy its beaches, which s' spread out of sight and its mild climate, but not only, the destination also knows how to be natural and gastronomic culture. All the ingredients are there; each therefore to combine his stay as it sees fit. Discover Martinique Martinique is a department of overseas, it lies in the heart of the desCaraibes sea. A 450 km from its coast lies the South and 700 km Dominican Republic. The area of ??the island s slack of 1 100 km & sup2 ;, which gives it the status of a second island of the Lesser Antilles just after the Guadeloupe. According to the latest census, its population is 402 000, made up of a patchwork of colors and backgrounds: African, Indian, European, Asian, etc. Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy of Martinique and especially sugar cane production. The island was also known for the production of banana, pineapple and rum, but in recent years, these sectors beat the wing. Tourism meanwhile, comes in second place in the economy of the country. Martinique is to discover and down, but it's mainly the south of the island is the most interesting tourist point of view, we find the best beaches and most beautiful scenery. Northern meanwhile is more mountainous, it is suitable for outdoor activities: hiking, mountain biking and climbing breakaway.

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