Beaches, monuments, and much more ... Malaga has it all. This city in Andalusia has always charmed the most demanding. What more natural, its setting is idyllic well this way she married its historical monuments ... an art to visit without moderation. Things to see and do in Malaga: Just one or two days to fall in love with the city of Malaga and discover all its secrets. The White City of Malaga dominates the skyline with its monument of the XIV century, the castle is surrounded by walls to discover. This castle is the Gibralfaro Castle which by its location explains that once housed the troops intended to defend the city. It was at the time, the residence of King Ferdinand the Catholic and had been built at the time of the Arab colonization of Malaga. Although it was partially demolished, one can now enjoy its ramparts and its imposing architecture. Its view is also very interesting. The Alcazaba is also a monument to visit. With Gibralfaro Castle, you can get an idea of ??the Muslim civilization of the time and its architecture. Its oldest remains date from the eleventh century. But it was long abandoned wear which explains that one can find. The city center of Malaga also offers a very nice visit. We can also see the houses of great men in history as the home of General Riego, or the painter Bernardo Ferrandiz, not to mention the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, today a seat of the Foundation Pablo Ruiz Picasso. The Picasso Museum also deserves our particular attention. With more than 200 works in its aisles of the Spanish artist, it's the journey of this genius that you will DeCou