Ah Macedonia, ancient homeland of Alexander the Great, at the heart of many debates! Today, Macedonia refers to both this northern region of Greece that the small neighboring Slavic state: the latter is also not recognized by Greece! Going back to Greek Macedonia: rich region consisting of beautiful scenery of low mountains, fertile plains and a cut Aegean coast, a crossroads between Greek worlds, Slavic and Turkish, with a radiant metropolis, Thessaloniki. Must Macedonia A step by Thessaloniki is essential: a walk along the seafront from the White Tower, symbol of the city, explore the charming town-high and its Byzantine chapels classified by Unesco, shopping and output in the bustling center, then detour to the nearby beaches. Another great site Macedonia, Mount Athos, a center of Orthodox religion: a territory apart (! Forbids women), occupying the eastern peninsulas of Chalkidiki, preserved and dotted with monasteries ... a set contained in World Heritage. Tips practices Thessaloniki is the second city of Greece and is an important transport hub (train, bus) for traveling in the north (halfway the route Athens - Istanbul). The city has an international airport: regular and low cost airlines operating flights from France (with or without stop), so you can land directly in Macedonia. Identity Population: 2.6 million Capital: Thessaloniki (or Salonica, often used name in France) Useful links Site of

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