At the heart of the Centre region https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/centre, urban activity Loiret is polarized around its largest city, https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/orleans Orleans a beautiful heritage city, the provincial atmosphere peacefully. But generally chooses the Loiret to escape the city just, and that level, the department has it in spades! A destination all found to stay green, between countryside, heritage and natural sites: guaranteed fresh air. Things to see and do: the must Loiret Impossible to miss the visit of Orleans and its heritage. Then up to the natural regions of Loiret: the Loire Valley and its historical heritage, classified by Unesco, the Sologne forests and ponds, agricultural Beauce, Montargis, Gâtinais and its terroir ... Radius activities it usually happens outside, outdoors: hiking trails, on foot, bike or even on horseback, water sports, river tourism, etc ... Cuisine what's good with the rural departments is one is assured to find good products from the soil; Loiret is distinguished for its honey, saffron of Gâtinais, fruits and vegetables, game, river fish, cheese, etc ... To accompany all this, the Orléanais wines will delight the palate, and for digest, a famous water spirits: the pear of Olivet! Events Among many departmental events include the Johannine celebrations of Orleans, celebrating the liberation of the city by Joan of Arc and her army: shows, parades, costumed ... Every year late April-early may. Identity Population: over 650,000 inhabitants Prefecture: Orleans Region: Centre Links Site http://www.tourismeloiret.com/fr Tourism departmental committee of the Loiret Act

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