L'Estartit is situated on the Costa Brava, Spain. This is one of the largest resorts in Catalonia. Many activities are organized there such as underwater diving, water skiing, boat rides and kayak canoeing, swimming in the sea, sunbathing and walking on the beautiful beaches. Especially for divers, it is possible to visit the Medes Islands with its underwater nature reserves which are not far from the beach. Passing the Estartrit, do not forget to visit the Castle Montgri, a medieval building symbolizing the locality. historical monuments There is also such as Casa Salietti and the Houses of "Americans". Holidays in Estartit. L'Estartit is a seaside resort on the Costa Brava in Catalonia, it is a very popular seaside resort, you can practice water sports, kayaking, etc. It is especially popular with scuba divers who come to dive on the Medes Islands. The Medes Islands are located more than a kilometer wide, they form a small archipelago of seven islands and islets. These islands have steep hills, rocky and no beach, while their interest lying under water, with their magnificent reefs and clear water. Official website of the Spanish Tourist Board: http://www.spain.info/ http://www.spain.info/