This beautiful baroque town in southern Italy is also known as the Florence of the Baroque, to highlight its enormous artistic heritage linked to this sumptuous period. In addition, near Lecce are the best balneary localities of Salento, whose city is the county seat. Anfiteatro Romano Built in the second century BC. BC, this vast amphitheater dates back to Roman times. Today we see a third of the old structure. see also: the Roman theater. Piazza del Duomo The beautiful Duomo square of Lecce is an all white baroque court: enter the place and admirz its spectacular effects! Duomo Maria Santissima Assunta Dedicated to the church was built over the centuries and has two entrances, one of which is a masterpiece work of Baroque art. Note, inside the twelve altars and artworks by local artists. From the top of the bell tower, on sunny days, you can see the mountains of Albania! Centro Storico Admire portals, arrows, churches of this unique historical center in the world: its white color and its baroque style will amaze you. Castello Carlo V built according to the will of King Charles V in 1539, the Chateau de Lecce is near Piazza Oronzo. The castle is today an important cultural center of the city. Piazza Sant'Oronzo This lovely square surrounded by palaces of different ages has a beautiful mosaic floor with ic. Basilica Santa Croce It is a major architectural complex of Lecce admire its baroque elements! Chiesa Santi Nicol & ograve; e Cataldo This amazing church, built in the Middle Ages according to