The nature in the Landes is surprising. Indeed, between beaches and forests, lakes and nature reserves, Landes welcome their visitors in an exceptional setting. There is a choice with over one hundred kilometers of sandy beaches and pine forest that covers much of the department. Lakes and ponds are not left with beautiful scenery. One can visit the Regional Park of Landes, an outstanding site where you can discover the Ecomuseum of La Grande Lande. This museum offers to go to the discovery of man in his environment in his region. In summer, one can discover much of the park by canoeing. The other museum to visit is the Marquèze which is like a living witness of the 19th century living in the region. It consists of two sites, the Sabres Marquèze Quarter and Distillation Workshop of pine resin to Luxey. Marquèze the pavilion, you can watch a thousand square meters in several exhibitions that follow the seasons. Do not hesitate to make excursions to discover the beautiful forests of the Landes where one crosses stags, deer and wild boar as at La Ferte-Saint-Cyr. You can also go to collect mushrooms in the forest of Vierzon or that of Boulogne. And if you want to experience what it is like a bog near, acknowledge that at Neuy-sur-Barangeon, a walkway trail has been planned for visitors. The Landes pine forest is the largest in France, it covers a large part

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