Lacanau Océan

If you want to enjoy beautiful beaches, no need to go to distant destinations, a French city offers a very exotic setting: it is Lacanau. Indeed, this common Aquitaine region is famous for its beautiful beaches. If this tempts you, bend your luggage and the scenery begins. Things to see and do in Lacanau Ocean Lacanau Ocean is a seaside destination of renown. With its 15 kilometers of beach, the destination has plenty to satisfy cravings for swimming and sunbathing. If you plan to go there in summer, you will surely not deadlocked you also on its beaches, which are: - The Central Range: this is the most famous beach of Lacanau Ocean. In high season it is invaded world, latecomers will struggle to find a free spot. - Beach squirrels, also known as South Beach name: it is a little quieter than the last, but do not expect either to a deserted beach. The beach squirrels do not have parking for cars, it will take away a little to find places. Cyclists by cons have a large parking area just steps from the beach. - The great South Beach: the main attraction of this beach is that it offers different atmospheres, you have on one side a very busy and lively party and the other a slightly quieter part for swimmers seeking tranquility. - The range of the Lion: this beach is within walking distance of the great south beach. She is very uncrowded even in high season. So if you are looking for a quiet place this is the place for you. Please note that beach is not supervised, so be vigilant. While the first topic of your stay in Lacanau Ocean is the beach, remember to find some free time to d