Lac Majeur

Isola Bella galleries and astronomy room of the Rocca already AngeraDepuis year, the picture gallery and the throne room of the Palazzo of the Isola Bella, the unedes Borromean Islands, are open again the public, and is now also possibled'admirer the "Pilgrim Hall" and the four rooms of access to the "Galleria dei Quad" .Similarly, after a long period of restoration, the grand piano known from "Berthier piano" is again exposed in one of the rooms of the Palais.C'est Pilgrim Hall that we visit first, after climbing the steps of the Palais.Baptisée from the big picture of Peeter Snijers (1681-1752) that strikes the viewer DESSON entry, it also has the right six representations of landscapes (1615 - 1620) Flemish dupeintre Maler Josse de Momper (1564-1635) and, opposite, tables of peintrevéronais Alessandro Turchi (1578-1649) whose "Parable of the lost son" .The discovery continues through four small rooms leading to the "Galleria deiQuadri". The tables are ordered in the manner of a mosaic, according to a modeappréciée in aristocratic mansions in the Baroque era. The first chambreabrite works by Caspar van Wittel (1653-1736), Jan Frans van Bloemen (1662 -1749) and Joseph Roos (1726-1805). The second is adorned with paintings of a peintreparticulièrement appreciated by the Borromeo family, Francesco Londonio. Nombreusesnatures dead and floral Giovanni Saglier, too Lombard painter, sontexposées in the third bedroom. The fourth and final room contains exceptional deuxoeuvres Manglard Adrien (1695-1760) .After the visit of the Borromean Islands and back on the mainland, a detour to the east bank Maggiore Dulac is needed, specifically to Angera. The Rocca of Angera, perchéeen fortress high on a cliff, is the true symbol of this port town. The Hall of Justice, also known as "Sala del

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