Lac Leman

Born of the Rhone Glacier there are nearly 150 000 years, Lake Geneva, said Lake Geneva does not lack charm. Crescent with its tranquil shores, wooded slopes and green landscapes, this site will charm you with its peaceful and enchanting surroundings. Lac Leman from the splendours in all seasons Lake Geneva is big lake crescent, of glacial origin, located between France and Switzerland. It is crossed from east to west by the Rhone. It is the largest and most sailed the four Great Lakes Savoie. It is surrounded by many major attractions such as spas, the beautiful shores, ports in villages. It is an inland sea which acts as a climate regulator, it allows a more temperate weather that favors vegetation. This lake is ideal for boating and practice water activities. Once exceeded the central part of Lake Geneva, moving to another country: the French-Swiss border in fact shared the lake into two parts, northern Switzerland, the French south. Because of its size, Lake Geneva acts as a seasonal regulator, such a small sea: it affects a microclimate around its banks, which schematically is to cool the atmosphere in summer and warm in the winter (thanks to the accumulated heat in the summer). A rather pleasant climate therefore, but also beautiful scenery and a few large cities Confe