La Trinite-sur-Mer

If you are passionate about the marine world and watersports you definitely know La Trinite-sur-Mer. Indeed, this Breton town is famous for its sailing competitions that attract enthusiasts worldwide. If you are one, take the wide destination La Trinite-sur-Mer. Things to see and do in La Trinite-sur-Mer La Trinite-sur-Mer attracts mostly skippers and boaters, it has also developed its tourism around the marine world. The main attraction of the town is the marina where you can cross different models as luxurious yachts than each other. Strolling in La Trinite-sur-Mer you can not miss the bridge Kerisper, designed by Gustave Eiffel creator Eiffel Tower. Its construction dates from 1901, it has undergone a reconstruction between 1956 and 1958 following the German bombing of 1944. As La Trinite-sur-Mer is a seaside destination, you can not ignore on its beautiful beaches when the weather permits. The essentials are: - Men Allen is famous for its somewhat unusual form. - Kerbihan: in this range is crossed many shellfish harvesters. One can also see from a distance the boats entering and leaving the port. - Ty Guard: when the weather is clear you can see from this beach Belle-Ile and island of Houat. It also crosses on this beach many fishermen. - Kervillen: it is one of the favorite beaches of Trinitains. There is a yacht club. Even if your main motivation in La Trinité sur Mer would bathe, consider exploring the city, it is really worth. We advise you to discover the house of customs, a small house from the 16th century,

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