La Rochelle

When speaking of La Rochelle, one thinks immediately of its port and its aquarium. But it's also a city rich in monuments and lively throughout the year. Located along the Atlantic Ocean in Charente-Maritime, La Rochelle has many assets to offer a pleasant stay for all tastes. According cravings, it is possible to go on trips to the islands of Oléron and Ré, stroll through markets or visit the unique neighborhoods and museums. to see and do in La Rochelle: Long isolated from major cities, La Rochelle s is mainly developed through its port enjoying an ideal situation. This is especially the Old Port that one comes to visit, with the Port des Minimes, they make the city the first destination on the Atlantic coast for pleasure. The Old Port is unmistakable thanks to the monumental towers marking its entry: the tower of the lantern, the tower of the Chain and the Saint-Nicolas tower that can be visited are the only remains of the medieval walls razed by order of Richelieu after taking the city to the British. The golden age of La Rochelle coincides with the colonization of the New World and the associated trade with New France. The city s' then enriched with beautiful buildings like the Renaissance town hall, one of the most beautiful in France. The Big Clock is another iconic landmark, she was initially one of the gateways to the city. Several religious buildings recall that La Rochelle was also one of the strongholds of the Templars on their return to the Holy Land. Among them, the church of Saint-Sauveur has the most varied history. The church original date of 1157, but it was destroyed and rebuilt several times only to be reopened in 1802. The St. Louis Cathedral is also worth a visit with its sober Gothic style. The aquarium in La Rochelle near the Old Port is one of the largest in Euro