La Réunion

Reunion: an island where it is sunny all year round, especially when at home, it's winter! That's why this island has two tourist peaks in the year, in July and August but in November-December, when the heat and the sun become a rare commodity in France! When we think of the Meeting, it is immediately sandy beaches lined with coconut palms images that come to mind: in Saint-Pierre and Saint-Leu, lazing in the sun, scuba diving or surfing are also possible. In Saint-Gilles, you can enjoy more chic sites like Boucan-Canot. Unable to stay in Reunion without venturing towards volcanoes, real attractions of the island: The Piton de la Fournaise is the most iconic, with its active crater. The business and cultural center of the island gather in Saint-Denis, the capital, with its Creole architecture that recalls the characteristic mix of Reunion. It was the Portuguese who first discovered the island of Reunion in 1513, while she was still uninhabited. In 1869, the opening of the Suez Canal because of Reunion an important stop on the route to India. The seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, French immigration supplemented by influxes of Africans, Chinese, Malays and Indians give the meeting a multicultural quite remarkable. Reunion: the must in the middle of the Indian Ocean, discover the island of Reunion. In an atmosphere Creole, this small piece of land will delight lovers of beach and mountain hiking. All around the island you can enjoy the beaches and visit the cities of the island. In Saint-Denis, discover the colonial city, museums and gardens of the state. Go surfing at Saint-Leu, and discover the history of Réunion Stella museum. Go diving at St. Rose and Piton-Sainte-Rose explore the church surrounded by lava. Discover the black sand beach of Etang Salé in the Entre-Deux. Lovers of relaxation on the beach can enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches of Saint-Gilles and Boucan-Canot.

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