La Haye

The Hague is a city located in the Netherlands in South Holland Province. It is a city at the same time cultural and seaside resort. Throughout the year, it organizes many cultural events and exhibitions. She is also known for the beauty of its landscape with lush greenery. It is home to many important places and historic buildings such as the Mauritshuis Museum, the Parliament, the Castle of the Queen, the art galleries of Noordeinde, the Denneweg of antique shops. In Scheveningen, you can find a lovely beach. The Hague is a city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is the governmental capital of the country but is also the capital of South Holland Province. This is also where the ICC headquarters. Therefore, during a visit in the area, do not forget to see it. The Hague has more important recreational centers like Drievliet amusement park, miniature park Madurodam or the theater and the Orchestra of the residence. Other places are not to be missed as the Hague Academy of International Law, for example.