The capital of Ukraine is an exciting city, in full revival, where Russian and Western influences intersect, a must for understanding the current issues of the country. What we remember of Kiev, besides its heritage and wide avenues, is its atmosphere, enough to linger a few days in the capital still little known ... Must Kiev From the large http: Maidan Nezalezhnosti square // (Independence square), discover the vibrant city center of Kiev, the large arteries, symbolic monuments of the country and its historie, the main museums (eg the Chernobyl museum, etc ... If there is a tour not to be missed is this religious complex classified by Unesco: the -petchersk St. Sophia Cathedral and the Lavra (monastery) Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the high places of the Orthodox religion. Accommodation: where to stay? Many hotels are present in the center of Kiev and its surroundings. The bulk of the offer focuses on the 3 and 4 star, at accessible prices. The luxury hotels however display prices also higher ... For smaller budgets, hostels, or renting an apartment in Kiev, interesting if you share with others. Climate: when to go? Located in the heart of Ukraine, Kyiv climate is continental: the seasons are well contrasted, with hot summers (high temperatures in July and August) and cold winters (snow, negative average temperatures ... ) and inter-seasons (April-May, September-October) rather ag