Kenya offers the traveler a unique choice of options, with an incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures, wildlife, flora, and activities. The safaris are of course the main attraction of Kenya, which brings together some of the most protected reserves in the world. Indeed, the Kenyan parks are famous for their unique wildlife; lions, giraffes, elephants, herds of zebra, wildebeest and buffalo. Kenya: a popular destination countries in West Africa, crossed by Great African Rift and its mountainous chaos, Kenya is a popular tourist destination: the country consists indeed some essential elements of the imagination of the journey are wildlife, vast savannahs, pastoralist tribes. in short, all the ingredients of the best documentaries! Any trip to Kenya begins in Nairobi, the capital. Once visited the city, the wilderness of the country open to exploration. careful though, too deviate circuits can sometimes be risky, because Kenya, renowned as one of the most stable countries in Africa, still known disorders. This does not mean that one has to go on safari to hunt the lion. In any case, one or more trips are needed to the mythical Kenyan national parks: reservations Mount Kenya (over 5000 meters) and Shaba or the most famous of all, the park Masai-Mara. The opportunity to observe animals other than in a zoo in the heart of gorgeous African landscapes. Things to see and do in Kenya: here are the annual wildebeest migration is an impressive sight and the best way to attend is ballooning. Reservations against the months ahead. The migration takes place in August and September. Kenya is also an excellent destination for beach holidays, with many beautiful beaches along the coastal regions and the city of Mombasa. The northern regions of Kenya to host some tribes still very traditional lifestyle, he e

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