Kaysersberg is a destination that is sure to please enthusiasts of history and culture. Indeed, this city of https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/haut-rhin-68 Haut-Rhin in the Alsace region is home to many sights that are worth some attention to it. If you do not want to go far for your next vacation, Kaysersberg is a good choice. Things to see and do in Kaysersberg Kaysersberg has no beaches to attract tourists, she has against a significant cultural heritage. Among the key sights not to be missed in Kaysersberg you have: - Castle Kaysersberg is a castle built in the 13th and the 16th century. The beauty of the monument has earned its ranking Historical Heritage in 1841. The castle is built on the heights of Kaysersberg offering stunning views over the city and beyond. - The Church of St. Cross, this religious building was built in 1230 in honor of Holy Cross. Its interior is beautiful with the statue of the Virgin and Saint John. Believer or not and regardless of your faith, be sure to enter for a ride in the church, it is really worth. - The Chapel of Oberhof its original date of 1391 construction, but it has had a number of renovations and expansions. After belonging to the Abbey of Pairis, the chapel of the Oberhof is now owned by the family of Salzmann-Thomann. If it is worth a visit is to discover beautiful statues dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. - The known Loewert house also under the name of "Lady House" located at number 65 rue du Général de Gaulle. On the front you can see a beautiful painting of the Virgin where the name of the house. The city of Kaysersberg was decorated 3 fl

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