Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul: three names for most eastern European cities. Istanbul is not only the cultural and financial center of the Turkey, but also the most populous city. Straddling both shores of the Bosphorus, Istanbul is a bridge between the Asia and Europe. With its long history of empires center, Istanbul has an extraordinarily rich heritage, with many religious sites dating from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Straddling the Bosphorus, Istanbul is the bridge between the East and the West. Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul, the city has changed names and occupants repeatedly with dreams of many people since Roman times. It is now the tourists who flock towards this Turkish metropolis whose wealth recall the importance it enjoyed since ancient times. The architectural heritage of Istanbul account monuments among the most famous in the world, such as the Hagia Sophia (which was once a basilica), the Blue Mosque or Topkapi Palace, and these are a few examples to get an idea. it is then dipped to discover the districts of the beautiful Turkish city, from shore to shore along the Bosphorus, in the bustling Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar, in the most modern areas . a cultural visit panting which it would be a shame not. Things to see and do in Istanbul Istanbul is a city full of different influences, of an incredible cultural depth. to know, in broad terms, this gigantic city, he must stay at least for a week. Do not hesitate to browse the Bosphorus to see the city in another way, or even go back as far as the Black sea. Start your tour through the historic center of Istanbul, Sultanhammet and visit the inevitable in the city: St. Sophia, the symbol of the Byzantine Empire, Topkapi palace, the measure of the power of the great Ottoman sultans, the Blue Mosque, named as such because of its faience

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