Lost in the middle of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, Iceland, not even America, but really more Europe either. singular island, Iceland is north of a large rift that scar the ocean floor. His incessant geological activity has also shaped the Olympians landscapes of Iceland. Lost amid the grand Icelandic national parks, human remains fascinated by its volcanoes, hot springs, lakes and blocks glaciers. The tourist can discover some fertile and rural valleys, shorelines composed of fjords and many islands scattered, villages, and this, while realizing that Reykjavik, the capital, hardly exceeds 120,000 inhabitants! Icelanders are admittedly few, but they enjoy a standard of living among the highest in the world! to see and do in Iceland Sort paradise for lovers of open spaces, spectacular geology and northern environments, Iceland is the destination of nature lovers pure. To prepare your trip, you can either pass through a travel agency or prepare independently to your preference. in the first case, the simplified organization is obviously attractive. stays formulas are varied all in all, but usually include a drive discovery circuit, trekking and even a cruise. short theme stays are also common for passing travelers eg Iceland. the gates of the Arctic circle compared to other islands in the Atlantic ocean, Iceland is discreet for the simple reason that it is a question of an expensive destination . Allow at least three weeks to discover the island in full and be able to appreciate the beauty of contrasts. in a week or even just the time of a weekend, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique kind destination . with its breathtaking scenery, worthy of a postcard, Iceland offers a unique landscape po

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