A trip to the confines of the Middle East, on the lands of the ancient Persian empire ... Iran is still dreaming travelers! The rooting of several millennia culture, the contributions of Islam, a historical heritage breathtaking landscapes of unsuspected variety (mountains, deserts, beaches on the Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf Islands ... ), Iran is perhaps not the most accessible destination, but indeed one of the most exciting! Must Iran ... Many are quickly include Tehran and its museums, the splendid Qom, the remains of Persepolis, / ispahan-the-mosque-the-shah-or-de-limam - the palace-dali-qapu - the-bazaar-12748 Isfahan and its heritage, Shiraz and its gardens, the Persian Gulf islands, stations on the Caspian Sea, the Elburz Mountains, whose snowy peaks over 4000 meters, etc, etc ... Ideally, allow at least three weeks of travel in Iran. Climate and seasons: from when? It would be wrong to think that Iran is a vast desert under the influence of an arid climate ... although much of the country suffers scorching temperatures in summer, with mild winters. The atmosphere becomes more humid on the coast of the Caspian Sea (sub-tropical) colder in the northern mountains (cold winters ...) So it also depends on your itinerary. In general, spring and autumn seem the most suitable travel periods. Travel Advisory Iran often bad press for geopolitical reasons, and the image of the country is often negative with tourists. Yet Iran is a safe destination for the traveler: some border regions are under pressure and should be avoided, but otherwise the main sites of