Need a change of air and admire from other landscapes as well as everyday? The department of Indre-et-Loire is the ideal destination to escape from the routine. With a temperate climate, you can visit this part of the central region in any season. To see and do in the Indre et Loire Nature holds an important place in this department. If you are accompanied by your children, you shall offer them a memorable stay and the opportunity to admire some fascinating buildings that here are a few as examples: -Ile Rochecorbon: When you get out of http: // www. Tours, you will be surprised discovering throughout the Loire Rochecorbon island that stretches two kilometers. It consists of two fragments, the second being the most pleasant with its groves and meadows. This peninsula is a nice place to spend a day picnic if you are a family in the midst of tropical plants. You can fish with your children and enjoy the birds that abound in this heavenly environment. -Grange Meslay: this imposing building built in the early thirteenth century is 60 meters long and 25 wide. The frame of chestnut tree that decorates relies on four rows of oak pillars. The interiors are furnished in an original way reminiscent of religious architecture. It also houses a concert hall and an auditorium acoustics that exudes a spiritual aura. - Ch√Ęteau de Chenonceau, you will gasp and admire the castle is considered one of the finest internationally without exaggeration. Located south of Amboise on the banks of the Cher, it was built in the sixteenth century on the ruins of a medieval fortress, which is preserved Round Tower

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