Ile d'Oleron

Atlantic islands of French side have a special charm. It is a unique blend that results in extraordinary landscapes as is the case of the island of Oléron. Retaining its charm since medieval times, Oleron Island is among the largest islands in France after Corsica. Its very troubled history has made it a land just as mysterious as generous with its wild nature and well preserved over the centuries. Access to Oleron Island is very simple, it is served from the mainland by a road bridge 3 km long. Known for its very good weather most of the time she is called "light" for its magical sunlight. Once there, the island makes you discover its charms, its beaches and its wild nature and well maintained. Things to see and do in Ile d'Oleron: In the port of Ile d'Oleron, rental of small fishing boats is possible. By pleasant weather, take time to do some of Rapala launched to make you bars or mackerel. Fishing on the Atlantic coast is good. Seabream is abundant surf casting. Baits are sins on site so do not take your fishing rods and reels for large bearings. If fishing is not your business, never fear the island is also known to be cultural. It is home to many sights that are worth exploring, to discover you simply stroll downtown and be guided in the sandstone of your steps. The corners where to sleep: Listed accommodation in the Ile d'Oleron there is ample choice. Indeed, the island is home to everything from camping and nights under the stars, with posh hotels, through residential and apartment rentals. During the