Ile d'Aix

If you aspire to enjoy the charm of an island, you only have to "navigate" to Ile d'Aix, considered the smallest municipality of the department of / tourism / Charente-maritime-17 Charente-maritime. You will be disoriented compared to large cities because we can not move about on foot, on horseback (horse carriage) or bicycle. It was marked by several events including the fact that Napoleon spent his last hours on French soil. Things to see and do in Ile d'Aix: All the fortifications of the city you will discover a surprising legacy: -The height of the Rade is located south of Saint Catherine of the island and was built in early eighteenth century. After 50 years of its construction, it was completely destroyed by an English attack. In 1778, a new fortification was replaced by the former. Now, the site houses an apartment hotel, a campground and a sailing school. Access is free. -The Strong Liédot: built under the order of Napoleon in the early nineteenth century, its construction took 20 years. He was operated to imprison political and military prisoners. You can enjoy a guided tour daily during the months of July and August from 11h to 17h and Wednesday at 15:00 from April to June and September. The entrance is around 5 €. -The Fort Boyard: was built in 50 years in 1857 because of the harshness of the site and the presence of the English navy. It was a first prison, then it will be decommissioned and abandoned before becoming a location for film and television. Unfortunately it is forbidden to visit the fort from within. - African Museum: there is a rich zoological and ethnographic collection that belonged to the Baron Gourgaud. Opening hours: October: daily except Monday and Tuesday from 9:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:00. Address: 30 Rue Na