Hvar is Croatia that https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/saint-tropez Saint-Tropez in France, also is called the "Croatian St Tropez". This island in the Adriatic Sea today is one of the most exclusive destinations of Croatia. Thousands of tourists successive summer and winter to enjoy the climate, the environment, the atmosphere and all the sights of this beautiful Croatian island housed. See and do in Hvar Hvar seaside destination par excellence attracts mostly for its beautiful beaches. Remember to bring your swimsuit and you crystal clear waters. The island has rocky beaches and fine sandy beaches so you choose the setting that suits you. For a paradise worthy cliches postcards we recommend the Infernal islands, we find the best beaches in the country with Jerome beach Pokonji fraud, and Palmizana Zdrilic. Even if your primary motivations for a stay in Hvar will https://www.cityzeum.com/sejours-vacances/hvar the beach and sunbathing, do not forget to make room for cultivation, you will surely not regret . Area attractions not to miss you: - The Tower of Hvar this tower dates from the 16th century. Today it houses a rich collection of objects of antiquity and the Middle Ages. Besides this cultural aspect tower Hvar is highly recommended because of the spectacular view it offers the whole town. This tower is located on the heights of the city. - The Saint-Etienne cathedral: this building comes from the 16th century, its exterior is built in a beautiful Dalmatian Renaissance style, as to its interior has a predominantly baroque. A must see the choir stalls dating from 1572 and the mummy

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