Hong Kong

If you are looking for a change of scenery, Hong Kong you will be served. Here everything wants to be different: climate, architecture, environment, lifestyle, fashion dress, eating habits, etc. In recent years, Hong Kong continues to flourish, attracting investors, tourists and the curious from all sides. If the destination tries you, fasten your seat belts it takes you to Hong Kong. Hong Kong, a pole commercialL Hong Kong Island, south of China, is composed of a multitude of islands and islets, the Kowloon peninsula, on which you can go by ferry. It s' registered in first place in the scale of economic wealth. This city in full economic boom illustrates his desire for openness to the world. Long British possession, Hong Kong regained the lap of China recently, since the city was surrendered in 1997. Hong Kong is an island which bore fruit on the basis of the liberal economy, one of the trade centers of global finance . Hong Kong is also a port open on the South China Sea, and dominated its huge skyscrapers. The island has beautiful beaches, but interest remains urban feel the heart of this city built on a mix of cultures, which is found between the buildings, popular neighborhoods and markets. the many advantages offered to foreign holiday on the island offset with a rather high standard of living. this town therefore sets its targets primarily among affluent travelers by offering the luxury that they deserve. in this spirit, the center consists mainly of skyscrapers and luxury hotels. buildings which, like Victoria Peak, offer a panoramic view of the impressive economic gear. Very dense in its design for a reduced territory, the city does offer little room for tourist buildings in the true sense of the term. It will take you out of this bubbling center find some quiet and picturesque landscape. Countless small islands nearby are ready to welcome you. This is the case for example of Lantau Island, located in the West, which