Helsinki capital of Finland, ravaged by fire in 1808 it was reborn from the ashes and become one of the most beautiful cities of northern Europe. In addition, its richness in terms of museums, theaters, cinemas and architectural uniqueness makes her a rather cultural destination. Discover Helsinki Helsinki is Finland and is surrounded by a large number of islands. It is composed of 584 420 inhabitants called Helsinkiens and Helsinkiennes. It is strongly characterized by the presence of water. The climate that prevails is temperate continental. The town of Helsinki has beautiful landscapes and varied nature. It has three major theaters namely national, municipal and Swedish. Tourism is dominated by culture, and the city has a good number of museums (national, contemporary and classical art. It has 44 hotels totaling 6,838 rooms and 876 restaurants. A stay in Helsinki between culture and nature Helsinki seems distant in its high latitudes, but the Finnish capital proves even accessible for a weekend: by providing two or three days, there will be plenty of time to explore the city and its major attractions, but also to offer an escape towards the great northern wilderness, are never far away in Finland ... Helsinki advantage indeed a remarkable setting. set on a peninsula facing the