The south of France owes its charm to the mixture of forests, mountains and beautiful beaches it houses. The border with Spain contains the most beautiful mountain ranges in France: The Pyrenees. For lovers of skiing but also those of the wilderness or even worship places, Hautes Pyrenees are the perfect place. Things to see and do in the high Pyrenees ski resorts, mountain magical landscapes but also cult places like Lourdes, that's what awaits in the High Pyrenees. Lourdes: Location worship for Catholics, this city is a place of pilgrimage since 1858. Each year, more than 5 million visitors from around the world come to pray to heavy. Enjoy your stay in Lourdes to visit his largest aquarium containing a fish collection Pyrenean lakes. For nature lovers and outdoor sports, http://www.picdujer.fr/ Pic du Jer is within walking distance from the city center, a landscape breathtaking 950 meters above sea level. Enjoy your walks to also visit the glacial lake (with a base of water sports and a golf course at the edge) and https://www.cityzeum.com/chateau-fort-musee-pyreneen Lourdes Chateau (main historical monument of the city). Cauterets: this is the perfect place for winter sports fans. Located right in the heart of the mountains, it offers visitors impressive tracks where you can practice cross-country skiing and downhill skiing. The town is also known for its spas. The city has 11 water sources operated in two care centers. Cauterets spas are recommended for a relaxed stay. You have to book in advance to book their stay. The corners where to sleep: Given its appearance

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