You know the expression, '' traveling off the beaten track '' ... well, if it is a country in Africa that this maxim applies perfectly, it is the Guinea! Forgotten by tourists from most travel agencies, Guinea nevertheless offers beautiful scenery of West Africa, between mountains, rainforests and beautiful beaches along the coast. Must of Guinea's difficult to talk about unavoidable for a country that receives so few visitors ... however include the nature reserve of Mount Nimba, the highest peak of Guinea, classified by UNESCO, the beautiful coastal areas of Lower Guinea, northern savannahs, cultures and ethnicities, in short, is the exploration of the whole country becomes a must! Climate In these latitudes, Guinea lives under the influence of a tropical climate with two seasons: dry season (November to April, the best time to travel) and rainy season. Variations are induced by the geography of the country; a constant temperature of the sea, still warm! Travel advice: Tensions exist in Guinea police roadblocks are numerous gangs also ... well, it's not for nothing that there are few tourists to take their holidays here! on implementation of caution; visit the Foreign Ministry for any update on the situation in Guinea. Take stock of the necessary / required vaccines for a moment before leaving. Identity card Capital: Conakry Population: more than 10 million Currency: Guinean franc Language: French is the official language Entry requirements: compulsory charge visa, to request from the Embassy links