The territory of Guatemala is located south of Mexico, on the isthmus that connects South America to the North. Old land on which flourished the brilliant Mayan civilization, Guatemala has preserved over the centuries a strong connection with its ancient culture, while balancing this with the legacy bequeathed by Spanish settlers. Thus, the culture of the Guatemalan population changes considerably depending on whether one is in the rural provinces, whose inhabitants still speak Indian dialects without necessarily understanding Spanish: the official language is however usitée in major cities mestizo ; the latter are found primarily in the south, with the capital of Ciudad Guatemala or Antigua and exceptional testimony of colonial architecture. The interior of Guatemala is mostly natural, and it is in these tropical landscapes that are involved in the discovery of Mayan archaeological sites. Tips for a trip to Guatemala Beautiful destination in Central America, although more discreet than its Mexican neighbor for example, Guatemala offers its visitors a rich culture, beautiful natural areas as well as a fascinating heritage between its colonial cities and Mayan sites ... a Guatemalan route usually leads you in many trips around the country: Guatemala city, Antigua or the beautiful Lake Atitlan are not too far from each other but discover remarkable sites such as Tikal or Flores takes more time ahead. The best solution is to take