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A magical ballet of the most exquisite anime daily northern Italy. Indeed, filed lakes there as if by magic, overflowing the Swiss side are the cornerstone of what is commonly called the Great Italian lakes, which brings in turn: Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) Lake Maggiore (Lago Maggiore), the Lake Como (Lago di Como) plus two smaller lakes were added, namely the Lake Lugano and Lake Iseo. the meeting between the Alpine reliefs and vast expanses of calm water are a contrast seizing fail. each lake made a small world, with its landscapes, its vegetation, its towns and villages, all bathed in an atmosphere other than the snowy peaks are not so far away, while a latent sweetness reigns on these lakes peers out to see and do: Discover the best heritage lake: a beautiful route a week seems just enough to go around. of the three main lakes, a few steps not to miss each time: Como (Como), Stresa, Sirmione, a range of charming towns, castles, palaces and villas. Enjoy the water: small beaches allow to swim easily in the calm waters. The possibilities for lake cruises are varied, with an unavoidable excursion: those magnificent Borromeo islands on Lake Maggiore. Hiking around lakes: the many hiking routes allow to leave out the car and browse the euphoric trails of the Great Lakes. Great Lakes italiensPlusieurs lakes dot the north of Italy, in the first Alpine regions. The beautiful scenery is provided by the meeting between the steep foothills of the Alps and the calm waters of the lakes. Near each of these lakes has established a large Italian city. So during your stay in Milan, do not hesitate to take a day or two to reach the shores of Lake

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