Grande Canarie

As a nice canary in the bewitching melody, Gran Canaria has that power and that gift to intoxicate us its beauty and its setting. A beautiful island lost in the Atlantic Ocean, a beautiful island lost in time ... because by visiting it is all the time stops and we take care to enjoy every landscape and every puff! Things to see and do in Gran Canaria: Before being a corner of paradise, Gran Canaria is a cradle of history that the island has preserved today and sharing. A tour of the museum offers a real feeling of time travel. - Museums Gran Canaria: difficult to choose in dozens of museums offered by this small continent. Each museum has its own characteristics and charm. But if we had to stop our choice, it can be even for both museums we craquerions the " Museo Arqueológico Cueva Pintada Parque" is a museum recalls the frescoes of the Painted Cave and offers prehistoric collections. To visit: C / Audiencia, 2 (Tel: 00 34928895746). Then the museum " Casa de Colón" that traces the passage of Christopher Columbus on the island. It is possible to visit the permanent exhibitions (Exhibition of Pre-Columbian cultures ...) and temporary exhibitions. To get there, it's Las Palmas (Tel: 0034 928 312 373). - Tamadaba Natural Park: This is one of the natural reserves of Gran Canaria. I must say that this island is very rich in special places where the flora and fauna evolve with confidence. The park is located in Agaete, an area of ??over 7,500 hectares, visitors can discover impressive ecosystems. Main events: Gran Canaria is an island that likes to party. among the

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