Grand Canyon

One of the major attractions in the United States, the Grand Canyon is a natural formation whose dimensions sobering ... 450 kilometers long, a maximum width of 30 km, 1.5 km deep on average! A challenging geological spectacle strata of rock read like an open book, and we can only remain silent before such a book! The site is protected as a whole by a national park: there are welcome centers, rangers, facilities for sleeping and eating, tourists, many ... But the park's dimensions allow to escape the crowds. The breathtaking Grand Canyon .... mythical Natural site of the great western United States, in the state of Arizona, http: //www.cityzeum .com / the-grand-canyon-7750 Grand Canyon is protected by a national park of the same name. This gigantic natural formation is the result of millions of years of erosion operated by the Colorado River, the author of this long fault stretching over more than 450 kilometers. The Grand Canyon, it is not the largest canyon in the world, offers a breathtaking landscape, and its vertiginous depth does not fail to impress. The Grand Canyon was unsurprisingly World Heritage of UNESCO, it is home to fauna and flora rich and the lucky notice it may be a cougar, or rarer still, a condor, a species endangered. To access the Grand Canyon, you can take the bus leaving from Las Vegas or the train from Williams.