La Gomera is one of the smaller islands of the Canaries archipelago, a haven of nature long preserved which tends to be increasingly open to tourism, however ... although the number of hotels on the island increases, we are well away from the tourist concentrations of large neighbors, Tenerife or Gran Canaria! This is why nature lovers choose to stay on La Gomera, or at least not to hold even a day trip while on holiday in the Canary ... better bring good shoes the hiking trails are numerous and gorgeous! Things to see and do: the must Garajonay National Park: a sanctuary preserved for many birds and reptiles, a flourishing vegetation, topography (it climbs to over 1400 meters ...), the place for great hike or trek in nature ... this park is a World Heritage Site! https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/san-sebastian-de-la-gomera San Sebastián and the villages of La Gomera's capital, San Sebastián, usually serves as a starting point ... several villages are to be discovered going around the island such as Agulo, Hermigua Valle Gran Rey ... Enjoy the ocean: beautiful volcanic coves, amazing formations such Caballeros, sea excursions, water sports ... Or sleep ? The offer of accommodation is much less developed on La Gomera on Tenerife for example. Conventional hotels, the simple address to 4 stars, focus on San Sebastián and a few coastal resorts but remain rare. Although more common in contrast, apartment rentals, present all over the island: a practical and attractive hosting solution. Some pensions and apartments complete the offer