Genoa or Genova is located in Italy, on the Mediterranean. This city serves as Chief town of Liguria and the first port in the country and second largest port in Europe. It is one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean. there we find a Mediterranean climate which has the distinction of being wet. The most important monuments of Genoa are in its historic center. This is the case of the old port which houses the largest aquarium in Italy, the flagship of the lanterna has a height of 117m, the palace Palazzo Reale Pallazzo San Giorgio and Palazzo Ducale and art museums Strada Nuova. Discover Genoa Genoa is a port city in northern Italy, in the Region of Liguria. Industrious enough, Genoa's not really what can be called a beautiful city and is often overshadowed by Rome, Florence or Venice, the old center yet has many treasures, its splendor is often hidden inside the narrow streets the historic center, called "vicoli" take some time to discover ... the city is very Italian with its pastel-colored houses and roofs in red clay, the streets are filled to the brim with coffee and restaurants, random streets there are quaint shops and elegant designer boutiques. Top attractions include: The Aquarium, the largest in Europe! The Sea Museum and the Naval Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of St. Augustine, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Palazzi dei Rolli (World Heritage Site), Santa Maria di Castello, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, the belt of impressive fortifications built on