At first glance, the city of Ghent has the air of a wise sleeping city, with its typical Provincial outside its historical remains and languid canals; but in reality, Ghent is a beautiful city and well paced. Proof: student, Ghent has become in recent years one of the hottest destinations Belgium It attracts mostly young tourists But if you're in Ghent evenings and holidays, people come.. also to discover its culture. to please the eye and the heart, the city of Ghent is always dressed in a patchwork of contemporary cultures and masterpieces of artwork of the past. sacred Stained Glass, design Arms and triptychs revisited, she weaves an arty look and bewitches us with its collection of completely original artistic talents Ghent, is full of surprises during your next visit: Saint Bavo Cathedral, the Belfry, Graslei, home Alijn, Design museum Gent, Mammelokker the Patershol Castle of Gerald the Devil are places to discover with friends or family, just a few hours from Paris. Must Ghent There is no risk of s' bored or stay the course of business in Ghent . Indeed, with its monuments, museums, neighborhoods to visit you n 'will be spoiled for choice to concoct a very rich experience. Here are some sites not to miss: The Cathedral St Bavo: this Gothic building us comes from the thirteenth century. From its 444 steps, a view over the city s offer to you! Take your courage in both hands and do not miss such a spectacle. Free entry. The Belfry of Ghent: do not to overlook the belfry of Grand, a beautiful Gothic building which is a symbol of the city. Graslei (the Quays Herbs): it is the place to meet up all the locals. In addition to the electric atmosphere that prevails, there are many historic buildings. Korenlei (the Quai aux Blés) less interesting to discover that his colleague, but if you have time, go take a peek if only to discover that faça