In the Middle Ages, the Franche-Comte was known as the County of Burgundy. This is one of the regions of France including the "natural" is most marked in the image of his prefecture, Besançon, a city to the remarkable quality of life, due to an innovative policy environmental matters. Due to a bountiful historical, Besançon is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Montbeliard, Belfort, are cities with notable sites. But the Franche-Comté is visited primarily for its natural landscape: the mountain, with the north Vosges, which leads to the "road of villages in bloom." South the Jura, materializing the border with Switzerland, with its ski resorts Métabief and Monts Jura. A vast forest area covers a large part of the territory covered by lakes and rivers, such as the Saône, suitable for river tourism. remarkable natural sites in Franche-Comté. You can discover numerous caves in Franche-Comté: The gulf Poudrey (the largest underground room furnished in France), the Osselle cave, the cave of the Ice (unique in Europe, the only place where you can see summer ice at such a low altitude), the cave Moidons, the Baume Les Messieurs cave, the cave boardwalk, the Sainte-Anne cave ... You can also visit the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Jura located in the southwest of the Jura, discover the Cascades of Hedgehog, Jura the most remarkable. There are also some beautiful lakes: The Saint-Point lake in the Doubs, Lake Vouglans in the Jura. Winter and summer holiday stay in Jura, in the Franche-Comté A horse between France and Switzerland, the Jura is a small mountain range included in the southeast of the region http: //www.franche- Franche-Comté: largely forgotten in comparison to the great mass of the Alps or

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