The department of Finistère is located in Brittany, it attracts mainly by its beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage. If you need to only choose that destination one of Finistère Quimper we suggest his prefecture. Ranked city of art and history Quimper is a cultural destination. It is home to many sights worthy of interest such as the Saint-Corentin Cathedral in the Gothic style dating from the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Locmaria church Romanesque church of Kerfeunteun, the former chapel of the Jesuit college and chapel Ty Mamm Doue, in terms of religious buildings. As for the architectural and civil heritage you have to go to Old Quimper beautifully dotted by houses of time such as the House of the street located Guéodet caryatids. The city of Quimper also home to many interesting museums to discover such as the Fine Arts Museum located steps from the cathedral, Breton departmental museum located in the former Bishop's Palace and the Faience sat Museum in Porquier house dating from 1797. If you are in search of greenery, you will not lack of green spaces to ventilate you indeed the city was labélisée four flowers in the competition of cities and villages flowered. The department of Finistère (29) is in Brittany, the prefecture is Quimper (64900 inhabitants). Climate Finistère. The climate of Finistère presents an oceanic climate providing regular rainfall in all seasons and fairly mild temperatures. However it rains more in autumn and winter as well as in the interior of the land. The cold and heat waves are rare and often of lesser magnitude than in the rest of France. Official site of the Breton tourist office: http: // www. Tourismebretagne. com / Beaches of FinistèreBelle coastal region, Finistère is known for its indented coastline, cut to the sickle, with steep cliffs on which the crashing Atlantic waves. Nestled within this geological chaos, many beaches are accessible form

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