On the banks of Lake Geneva, this town of Haute Savoie is renowned for its mineral water. Hydrotherapy appears early nineteenth century but is experiencing slowing after the world second. The agreements signed in Evian March 18, 1962 granting independence to Algeria restore new life to the city. Today you can visit the bottling site of the Evian brand, the Palais Lumière cultural and congress center, formerly the Baths of the city, with its magnificent glass and metal dome. For a walk discovery, go wander the aisles of the magnificent garden of water pre curious classified "Remarkable Garden" that combines charm with water and plants, a delight! The town also has a funicular dubbed the "small metro Evian's" which is the only in the world with 6 stations! Find a hotel in Evian les Bains. In all seasons, Evian les Bains offers a variety of accommodations. The superior and deluxe hotels hotels are numerous and you will enjoy privileged access to the Evian thermal baths and spas. Find a cheap hotel is not easy, you can head to summer campsites around Evian. Official website of the Rhone-Alpes region: http://fr.rhonealpes-tourisme.com/ http://fr.rhonealpes-tourisme.com/

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